How to get your wardrobe ready for Spring

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Style Guide

The closet often tends to become the place where all your mess is hidden – to then never see the light of day again. It’s convenient, it seems like the best plan, when you get unexpected visits, or when you simply don’t know where to keep all your stuff that you’ve bought throughout the year(s). The problem is however that one day you simply can’t hide it anymore, it starts to look chaotic, and an untidy closet makes getting dressed a lot more difficult. Get started on your spring cleaning with some tips on how to clean out your closet. It takes a few steps to clean up your closet, but believe us, it’s worth the time and investment to organize your wardrobe.

How to get your wardrobe organised

First of, access the damage. The first step to cleaning out your closet is to dive into reality. Lay out all your clothes on your bed. Start out with compiling small groups of clothes instead of just dumping it out to one majestic mountain with the collections from the the trends of past years. With every item you hold in hand, ask yourself two questions: “Does it fit?” and “Do I still wear this?”. If the answer is ‘no’ to either one, then put that piece aside on a new pile for clothes that you’re planning to keep. Make sure to be thorough and avoid justifying keeping it for the sake of emotional attachment. It’s clothes – not a watch that you’ve got from your grandfather. By the time you’re done with this, you should have about three separate piles of the clothes you plan to keep, donate, or throw away. Do you have that? Good. Carry on.

Store Seasonal Pieces

Now that the Winter season is over, time has come to put away your heavy duty jackets, and anything else that you probably won’t be wearing in the springtime. With the warmer months upon us, there is just no reason to keep winter clothes at the forefront of your closet. Pack these pieces in bins or shelves in order to store away for the following year.

You’ll find yourself with more space instantly, while also gaining a better handle on how to categorise sections within the limits of your closet. This will make for a cleaner, sleeker look to the entire appearance of your closet.

Donate your leftovers

donation box

If your clothes aren’t filled with holes and other major damage, consider donating them to organisations like the Salvation Army. Not only will you be clearing out your old clothes, but they’ll be going to someone who would greatly benefit from them. Especially if you find yourself struggling to throw away clothing in somewhat decent condition, then donating to a organisation can be a rewarding alternative to tossing it out.
Do not donate any clothes that are muddled with stains or plagued with smell. Their ragged quality makes them unappealing and less likely to be picked up by consumers at any donation center. Instead, repurpose them into rags. They make for handy cleaners to keep around the house.

Throw Things Out

recycle clothes

If your clothes are beyond repair, faded, ripped up, or no longer fits you anymore, then these all call for the recycle bin. Clothes that don’t flatter you anymore just have no place in your closet. Period. Having said that, you don’t need to hold onto anything that makes you look shabby, so do yourself a favour and throw them out forever. Not in the basement, not into a ‘maybe’ pile – throw them out. You’ll thank yourself later.

Keep it

After wrestling with your closet, you’ve now finally managed to narrow down your choices to your final and most fitting picks. Staple pieces such as a white T-Shirts, jeans, and blazers are keepers, as well as shoes that are must-haves for any occasion. Sort through your finals picks and determine the best way to display them in your closet, preferably by separating the business attire from your casual basics.

Organise your new closet

color coded shirts

The very last step in order to maintain your newly tidy closet is to keep it organised, and staying that way. Invest a bit of money on buying the same hangers for your clothes — to maintain a cohesive look throughout your closet.
In addition, it’s best to arrange everything depending on the type of clothing and different occasion it calls for. Start on one end of your wardrobe by separating your slacks from your jeans. Continue dividing your formal pieces from your casual wear by grouping long-sleeve shirts together, then ending with short-sleeve tops at the last end of your closet.
If you want to take it a step further, categorise your closet by colour. This way you won’t have to worry about losing sight on anything in your closet ever again.

Finally, declutter your accessories by storing them on tie racks, valet trays, or compartmentalising organisers for your drawers. By doing so, you will prevent your closet from reverting back to a tangled, jumbled up mess.

Keeping the Skeletons Out of Your Closet

Spring cleaning calls for a change in not only your closet, but also in your day-to-day life. You’ll no longer be stuck digging through piles of clothes. It’s always worth the time and investment to simplify your daily routine. In short, spend a little time to get a lot more time on your hands.

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