Appropriate Attires for Job Interviews

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Style Guide

New Year is here and with every new year comes new opportunities. An opportunity, for some of you, may come in a form of a job interview. Exciting as it is, interview can be stressful. Even with a great written resume and cover letter, you still need to be well prepared for the interview. With today’s job market, you will find yourself competing with dozen other people to get the job you want which means a good first impression is crucial. What you are wearing to the interview Highly influence the employer’s perspective toward you. As you can never get a second chance to make a good impression, make sure you dress up correctly to your interview.

Consider the company culture

3 men in different suits styles
Before you choose the attire to wear on the interview, it is a good idea to do a little bit of research on the culture of the company. This culture includes the work environment and values. Identifying their culture can help you identify what is appropriate to wear on the interview.

three men in formal suit styles

If you are applying for a corporate position in company such as bank, finance, insurance or law firm, it is best to wear matching suit and a tie. These companies are considered to be more formal and conservative in their approach. Therefore, you should wear something that is well fitted. A dark colored suit with a silk necktie along with a formal dress shoes may be your best bet to impress your potential employer.

men in business casual outfits

In a less formal workplace, you may find it hard to figure out how to dress up. However, it is very important to always dress neatly and professional. Most of the time, business casual does not mean you can wear t-shirt and sneakers. Instead, business casual allows you to mix and match you attire. Instead of suit and tie, you should opt for a blazer and contrasting trousers. You can drop the tie and your shoes can be less formal.

men in smart casual outfit

When preparing yourself for an interview in a start-up company, avoid wearing a formal attire. Start-up companies have a relaxed dress-code. Again, it does not mean that you can wear something sloppy, rather, you can go for more stylish choice. We suggest a clean t-shirt with dark jeans paired with a trendy blazer.


three main colors of suits

Many times, we overlook the importance of color. In business, however, color is vital. Color affect human’s behavior and perception. Hence, the color you choose to wear on the interview has powerful effect on the interviewer’s first impression of you.

You want to be remembered for your skills and experience not just the way you dress on your interview. Choose more neutral colors such as blue, gray, black, and white as they are more favorable than the bright colors.

While black depict seriousness and formal which shows reliability, blue in particular is associated with trust, loyalty and confidence and efficiency. Wearing a navy-blue suit is perhaps your best bet when choosing your attire for the interview.


accessories for work

Adding accessories to your attire can help you look sharp on your interview. They add details on your look and help you look your best. However, knowing what accessories to wear is important. The rule of thumb is to keep it simple yet tasteful.

Make sure you are not over-accessorized. Avoid wearing too many jewelries. Avoid wearing wristbands or fancy lapel chain. If you want to wear accessories, opt for a nice watch or cufflinks. In the cold winter months, choose a subtle scarf instead of a bright colorful one. Choosing accessories to wear is very much like choosing your clothes. Be sure to not let your accessories distract your interviewer view of who you are.


Regardless of the type of company, make sure that you are wearing something neat, clean and professional. What you wear to the interview will make a lasting impression to your potential employer. Make sure you choose attire which show that you are confidence, competent and respectful to the job.

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